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Pampered Gardens

Introducing the Highest Quality, Hand Selected Garden and Home Products

Lovingly brought to you from Swanage in Dorset by a friendly, family, caring business. Your satisfaction really is our main concern ...

50ft WonderHose Pampered Gardens
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I Often Get Asked What Makes Us Different?

It's a great question ... And the answer is really quite simple ...Henry Pampered Garden

FIRSTLY, we don't see ourselves as another company providing garden and home products. No, to us this is something very different ... We only offer products that have had a direct positive impact on us, products we believe can help others - not products we think will make the most money. 

SECONDLY, we truly do our very best to provide the kind of customer service that leaves you with you mouth wide open thinking/saying "Wow ... they really do care!"

Why? Because we've been through a lot of ups and downs like most families but we know ONE thing. Our future rests soley on our service to you. Get that right and our future will be bright. 

So have a browse around, see the details of our products and then if you have any questions or need any help then let us know straight away. We really are sat here in Dorset and we really do want to help.

Talk soon, Henry, Tracey, Henry (junior), Matilda.